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WhatsApp is probably one of the most used networking apps, seeing as you are able to chat with any contact who has the app on their smartphone. Now Facebook’s $22 billion dollar baby is about to get some interesting new features as shown on a pre-release beta version.

Rumored updates include some features we’ve all secretly been wanting and we’re pretty excited to see it come along with their new updates.


A new feature, similar to that already found on iOS is sort of “Find My Friends” function. It will feature a location tracker which, (with permission) will allow users to track their contacts location. This could be quite nifty when trying to meet up with a friend or in a group chat.

Deleting messages:

We’ve all had the situation where we regretfully sent a text or missed that horrible autocorrect that happened before sending the message and now with the possible new feature, users will be able to delete a message if the other person has not yet read it. We’re sure this feature will be really useful!

Shake to report:

Another feature that will possibly pop up on WhatsApp is the ability to contact WhatsApp with the shake of your phone to easily report spam or log a complaint.

Amongst those features, WhatsApp has already implemented video calling (which you can read more about here) and the ability to edit and draw on pictures before sending them, similar to SnapChat and now Instagram Stories.

The release date of the new update is not confirmed but we’re excited to see what the chat system has hidden up their sleeves.

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