Frequently Asked Questions

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We hope that you find the answers to your questions below, if not please feel free to reach out via Whatsapp, email or a good old fashioned telephone call. Let’s Chat.

Before you book

I just cracked my screen! What now?

Ouch! We’re so sorry to hear this – we can fix this within an hour at any of our repair centres or book in your device online to start the repair journey and give us a heads up that you need some help. We’ll then get in touch to confirm your booking and assist you in getting your device back in action in no time. For repair prices please visit our pricing pages for AppleSamsung & Huawei.

I dropped my phone in the toilet, what now?

As soon as your device suffers any type of liquid damage it is important that you bring it in as soon as possible – damage can worsen if not attended to immediately. We’re really good at these repairs and often help customers get their device working enough to get all their data back, but this does take time. With all liquid damage Book in your device online for an urgent assessment.

Are device assessments free of charge?

We will conduct a device assessment free of charge. A formal assessment report for insurance purposes will be charged at R250 for mobile devices. All iMac and MacBook assessments are R350. If you then give us the go-ahead to fix the device this fee will be deducted from your invoice amount.

Do you repair Samsung devices?

Yes, we do! In fact, we are an Official Samsung Repair partner and only use original Samsung components in all our repairs. Book in your device online for an assessment or view Samsung repair pricing here.

Do you repair Huawei devices and watches?

Yes, as an Official Huawei Repair Partner we can fix all Huawei mobile phones but not Huawei smartwatches at this stage. For pricing information please visit the Huawei pricing page or book in your device online for an assessment.

Do you repair iMacs and Macbooks?

We do, but most of these repairs are done at our High-Level Repair Centre in Cape Town. We’re experts at upgrading older machines to SSD (Solid State Drive) hard drives and adding extra memory which gives a much better user experience overall. Book in your device online and select collection or drop-off.

Do I need to book my device in online?

It always helps us to know that you need help and we can be best prepared to do this. We recommend that you book in your device online for an assessment at a store near you. Also, feel free to contact us on 086 123 7263 for more information.

Do you assist with unlocking Apple IDs?

Unfortunately, we do not assist with the unlocking of Apple IDs.

Do you use original parts?

At The Real Repair Company, we are proud of the fact that we’ve partnered with Apple, Samsung and Huawei to offer original parts, but uniquely, we also offer you the choice of more affordable 3rd party parts, especially with the older devices. View our pricing pages for Apple, Huawei & Samsung then book in your device online for an assessment.

Booking your repair

What's the price of...?

For all our repair prices, visit one of our pricing pages for Apple, Huawei & Samsung.

Where are your stores?

We have over 35 stores located across South Africa. To find a store near you, visit our Store Locator page.

What time do you open?

Please visit our store locator page to view the various opening times of our stores.

How long does a screen replacement take?

As the pioneers of the “1 Hour Repair” we continuously delight customers with our quick service and this is achieved with our commitment to training, world-class repair equipment & tools and, most importantly, careful planning around spares and stock holding. Find a store near you here.

How long does a battery replacement take?

This too falls within our 1 Hour Repair policy, but truthfully it usually takes 30 min. This is obviously dependent on how busy the store is. Find a store near you here.

Do you offer trade-ins?

Unfortunately, we do not offer trade-ins at any of our stores.

Do you offer payment plans?

Unfortunately, we do not offer payment plans at this stage.

After your repair

Are all repairs guaranteed?

We offer warrantees on all parts and workmanship. Please refer to our T&C’s for more;


Do you sell mobile phones and accessories?

We do sell Apple, Huawei & Samsung accessories at all our stores and if you require a new smartphone or Vodacom contract we can put you in touch with our sister company Cellucity.

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