New Name.
Old Promise.

Your Real Repair Specialist

Hardly a team to rest on our motherboards, we have changed our brand name from the all familiar Apple Doctor to The Real Repair Company. Delivering on the simple and time honoured promise of real repairs, real quick, ensuring you peace of mind, knowing your device is in very capable and trusted hands.

At The Real Repair Company, as our new name clearly states, we source best of breed real, genuine, original parts to repair your beloved Apple, Huawei or Samsung device. Our highly accredited specialist engineers are at the ready to perform the most complex of precision repairs, to get you back online, pronto.

We’re real confident that we’ll get your iBaby, Huawei or Samsung back to perfect health, quicksticks, all within our now legendary ONE hour turnaround commitment. For Real! No BS! It’s one thing being real, but to keep us honest, we measure ourselves against 4 key pillars of excellence:

lifetime Warranty
Original Parts
Real Price Promise
Real Quick Repairs
lifetime Warranty Original Parts Real Price Promise Real Quick Repairs

Real Repairs
(In 4 Easy Steps)

Step 11
You bring it in
Step 22
We check it out
step 43
We repair it
Step 44
You get it back

Real Pricing

iPhone screen repairs
From R289
iPhone battery
From R249
Samsung screen repairs
From R1,549
Samsung battery
From R749
Huawei screen repairs
From R649
Huawei battery
From R439

We Repair All Devices

The Great Cover Up!
Get a FREE Gear4 or Ozaki cover with every screen replacement!
*T’s & C’s Apply: Deal only valid for iPhone 6, 7 & 8 screen replacements.

Real News

With all the fake news out there, we seek out the honest, the real, the relevant and the interesting stuff that our customers and suppliers are keen to read about. Enjoy!
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How To Forget A Network On Mac

How To Forget A Network On Mac

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