Samsung Smartphone Repair Pricing

We’ll beat any quotation from
any national accredited Samsung Smartphone Pricing approved repair centre*

Cracked Screen?
Model3rd PartyOriginal
Galaxy S8N/AR2899
Galaxy S8 PlusN/AR4199
Galaxy S9N/AR3499
Galaxy S9 PlusN/AR3999
Galaxy S10N/AR4499
Galaxy S10 Plus N/AR4999
Galaxy S10 eN/AR3599
Galaxy A10sN/AR1699
Galaxy A20N/AR1549
Galaxy A20sN/AN/A
Galaxy A30N/AR1699
Galaxy A30sN/AR1999
Galaxy A50N/AR1899
Galaxy A70N/AR2299
Galaxy A80N/AR2499
Galaxy Note 8N/AR4199
Galaxy Note 9N/AR4299
Galaxy Note 10N/AR4999
Galaxy Note 10 Plus N/AR5499
Flat Battery?
Model3rd PartyOriginal
Galaxy S8N/AR749
Galaxy S8 PlusN/AR749
Galaxy S9N/AR749
Galaxy S9 PlusN/AR749
Galaxy S10N/AR749
Galaxy S10 PlusN/AR799
Galaxy S10 eN/AR749
Galaxy A10sN/AN/A
Galaxy A20N/AN/A
Galaxy A20sN/AR749
Galaxy A30N/AN/A
Galaxy A30sN/AR749
Galaxy A50N/AR749
Galaxy A70N/AR799
Galaxy A80N/AR799
Galaxy Note 8N/AR749
Galaxy Note 9N/AR799
Galaxy Note 10N/AR849
Galaxy Note 10 Plus N/AR899

* We Repair speakers, mics, water damage etc.

* All pricing includes VAT and Labour

* Terms & Conditions apply

Please note, Samsung smartphone repairs are only available at the following stores:

Maitland (Head Office), Gardens, Constantia Village and V&A Waterfront.


Why Repair your Samsung Smartphone with The Real Repair Company?

It can be heartbreaking to find your device isn’t functioning as brilliantly as it was the first day you bought it, and indeed, all manner of calamity can befall your beloved Samsung device. When the battery gives out or the screen fractures into a million pieces, it’s easy to think that’s the end of the road for your device. It’s especially gutting if you need to get your S8 Screen repaired, or get your Samsung battery replaced..

Replacing your smartphone is a costly affair, but don’t jump to abandon your device so quickly; with our accredited Samsung repair services, the Real Repair Company can restore your Samsung device, leaving it as good as new, all in an hour. We don’t just replace screens or batteries either; there’s all manner of faults that can befall your device, so we’re capable of repairing a number of defects and imperfections. This includes faulty phone jacks and charging ports, cracked cases, operating system failure, liquid damage, broken power buttons and more. Our team is more than capable of giving new life to your Samsung smartphone with our in-depth repairs.

We repair a number of Samsung Galaxy smartphones to their former glory, including the S series, Notes, and the A series. And all within record time. It’s often the thought of long, strenuous waiting times that put people off searching for smartphone repairs, especially if they’ve already been without a functioning device for some time. But our specialist team of engineers will have your repairs completed in no time at all with our legendary ONE-Hour turnaround guarantee. You won’t have to be without your device for any longer than necessary, and you’ll be thrilled to get connected to the rest of the world again without needing to put a strain on your wallet.

Take a look at our list of devices to learn how we can help you, and book your device in for an assessment and repairs at your nearest TRRC (The Real Repair Company) store.

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