Apple iPhone Repair Pricing

We’ll beat any quotation from
any national accredited Apple approved repair centre*

Cracked Screen?
Model3rd PartyOriginal
iPhone 4R289N/A
iPhone 4sR289N/A
iPhone 5R649N/A
iPhone 5sR599N/A
iPhone 5cR749N/A
iPhone SER799N/A
iPhone 6R799N/A
iPhone 6 PlusR999N/A
iPhone 6sR949R2999
iPhone 6s PlusR1399R2999
iPhone 7R1599R2999
iPhone 7 PlusR1899R3699
iPhone 8R1999R3499
iPhone 8 PlusR2999R3999
iPhone XR2999R5499
iPhone XRR2999R3999
iPhone XSR4999R5999
iPhone XS MaxR5499R6499
iPhone 11R2999R3999
iPhone 11 ProN/AR5499
iPhone 11 Pro MaxN/AR5999
iPhone SE 2nd GenN/AR2999
iPhone 12 MiniN/AComing Soon
iPhone 12N/AR4999
iPhone 12 ProN/AComing Soon
iPhone 12 Pro MaxN/AR5999
Flat Battery?
Model3rd PartyOriginal
iPhone 4R249N/A
iPhone 4sR249N/A
iPhone 5R299N/A
iPhone 5sR299N/A
iPhone 5cR299N/A
iPhone SER299R499
iPhone 6R399R499
iPhone 6 PlusR449R499
iPhone 6sR449R499
iPhone 6s PlusR449R499
iPhone 7R449R499
iPhone 7 PlusR449R499
iPhone 8R449R499
iPhone 8 PlusR449R499
iPhone XR649R999
iPhone XRR649R1499
iPhone XSR749R1499
iPhone XS MaxR999R1499
iPhone 11N/AR1499
iPhone 11 ProN/AR1499
iPhone 11 Pro MaxN/AR1499
iPhone SE 2nd GenN/AR599
iPhone 12 MiniN/AComing Soon
iPhone 12N/AComing Soon
iPhone 12 ProN/AComing Soon
iPhone 12 Pro MaxN/AComing Soon

* We Repair speakers, mics, water damage etc.

* All pricing includes VAT and Labour

* Terms & Conditions apply

Why Repair your Apple iPhone with The Real Repair Company?

Your Apple Smartphone is undoubtedly your most cherished device, and who can blame you? User-friendly and innovative, packed full of unique features, it’s no wonder your smartphone is your constant companion, keeping you connected to the rest of the world. Apple smartphones are high-end luxury devices, so when disaster strikes it can really hit where it hurts. Not everyone can afford to fork out for a new iPhone when their current one breaks, especially your iPhone 11 Pro Max, or the iPhone X which you can no longer buy from the Apple store now that it’s been replaced by the iPhone XR and XS.

But don’t give up hope for your favourite device. At The Real Repair Company, we’ve got your back when it comes to iPhone repairs, restoring your Apple device to its pristine as-new condition in only an hour. And no problem is too much for our team – we replace more than just batteries and screens. Because devices can fail in more than two ways, we’ll fix faulty ports and phone jacks, faulty sim readers, cracked cases, and broken power buttons amongst a number of other issues that could pose inconvenient or totally unworkable. Our experts will save your device from replacement and ultimately save you money.

You won’t have to wait an eternity for your device to be returned to you either, which can often be the deciding factor when you choose between simply getting a new phone or repairing your iPhone. People love instant gratification! That’s why all our repairs have a super-fast turnaround time, with our team of device engineers repairing your device and returning it to you within one hour. That’s why we have our famous One-hour service guarantee, so you can be back on your favourite device and surfing the web in no time at all.

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