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For those of you who love Instagram, you would have noticed a whole range of new features available and also how the ever-popular social platform has exceeded its competitor- Snapchat.

Instagram has been releasing new updates far quicker than any other social platform that shows the massive opportunity and value it has for avid ‘Grammers’ and businesses as a powerful advertising platform. Below you’ll learn more about a few of the new updates, which have put this social platform in a whole new ball game.

Hashtag Stickers 

This amazing feature allows you to add “Hashtag Stickers” to your Instagram story, which in turn allows customers or fans to click on the “See Hashtag” prompt. This enables you to build awareness around a certain campaign or event and get interested and relevant users to engage with your content.

Selfie Filters


This feature has made an even slimmer distinction between Snapchat and Instagram, allowing users to add quirky filters such as a ‘Flower Crown’, ‘Bunny’ or ‘Nerd’, which moves and changes as you change your facial expressions.

Rewind Format


This feature is great for users that enjoy using the loop feature: Boomerang. You’re now able to take a video and play it only in “rewind mode”. It creates immediate engagement and excitement.

Instagram Collections


Users are able to compile saved posts into different collections of saved content. The feature also bears some similarities to Pinterest’s boards.

Instagram is fast becoming the go-to social media app for all. It never seizes to come up with interesting ways to engage its audience.

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