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While a MacBook launch took place rather recently, there’s been some buzz online about what Apple has in store for the 2021 MacBook Pro. While Apple fans were excited about the all-new, all-powerful M1 Chip, the same could not be said about the same-same design of the MacBook for yet another year. Fans expected at least some change with the internals of the device switching it up, and the iPhone 12 coming out with a changed design – but, to no avail.

In 2021, however, it seems that Apple may be taking on the challenge of recreating their signature laptop to join in with the rest of 2020 generation Apple devices. It is rumored that the unpopular Touch Bar will be saying goodbye in the 2021 model, possibly allowing for more USB-C ports or even a function key row.

There is speculation that the 2021 Macbook Pro will be re-joining the MagSafe charging family with the iPhone 12 line, which didn’t prove popular at launch either.

These are the only changes that we’ve seen spoken about so far, but we’re hoping that these decisions will make the 2021 MacBook pro hold on to its title as ‘Best laptop for Graphic Design.’

What do you think? Will the upcoming MacBook Pro be innovative or just another MacBook?

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