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We’ll beat any quotation from
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Why Repair your Macbook or iMac with The Real Repair Company?

Macbooks and iMacs are by no means cheap devices, and in the unfortunate event that it should fail or break, they aren’t as easy to fix as modular PCs or larger laptops. So not just any repair shop can take a look at your iMac and tell you what’s wrong with it, or fix any one of the many intricate parts that makes your Macbook of iMac function as smoothly as it does. And it takes more than a simple glance to see what’s wrong with your device.

That’s why all Macbook and iMac repairs are done at our High-Level Repair Centre in Cape Town, where we’ll conduct all manner of repairs your device will need to run and look as good as new. But first, to know just what exactly needs to be done, and to gauge the nature of your device’s problem, our technical team will first need to do a full assessment of your machine to give you an accurate quote based on the repairs needed. Hence we don’t offer a price list for Apple Macbook repairs.

You can get the repairs process underway by making a booking with us online to bring your iMac or Macbook in, or you can contact our Head Office to make an enquiry. We’ll give you all the details you need to make sure the repairs run smoothly and simply once you’ve brought it to us.

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