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We know your iPhone is your dearest possession, so mistreating it is the last thing you would purposefully do. Naturally, with time and through daily usage you might be harming your iPhone in ways without realising it.

Here are some of the ways you are treating your iPhone wrong:

Never turning your iPhone off
Leaving your iPhone on when you have no use for it will not only drain your battery, it will also degrade your battery life as the battery will be stressed from staying on constantly.
Our advice?
Turn your iPhone off when you don’t need it to be on but make sure this happens at least once a week.

Not having a pass code or fingerprint verification
We hate to think of the negative possibilities, but your iPhone can be stolen. Skipping security is a risk you shouldn’t take with personal information like banking details that could potentially be accessed.
Our advice?
Keep your personal information safe with a personal pass code and fingerprint verification.

Charging it throughout the night
Charging your iPhone throughout the night will decrease the length of your iPhone battery usage between charging. It is quite harmful to charge your iPhone between 7 to 9 hours per night when your device only needs a couple of hours or more to regain full battery power.
Our advice?
Unplug your iPhone when it reaches 100% on charge and try to charge it during the day.

Using fake chargers
You might save money purchasing a fake charger but you’re doing your iPhone more harm than good.
Our advice?
If your iPhone charger stops working, purchase an original one from the iStore.

Screen brightness
Setting your screen to its maximum brightness level is not ideal for your battery and it’s definitely not good for your eyes. Your iPhone charge won’t last as long if you set it to the brightest level at all times.
Our advice?
Adjust the level of brightness to your needs as necessary.

Forgetting Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on
These functions only need to be on when in use. Any other time it is left on and unused it will draw from your battery life.
Our advice?
Turn Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on only when you need it.

Exposure to extreme temperatures
Your iPhone can temporarily shut down if it is exposed to extreme temperatures as it was not designed to endure super hot or super cold temperatures. Do not expose your iPhone to steam rooms or leave it in a locked car on a hot day.
Our advice?
Turn your iPhone off if you know you’re going to be exposed to extreme temperatures.

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