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Are you a little bewildered most months when you realise you have gone through your data plan with no real explanation as to where it all went?

That’s totally understandable. Using Google Maps, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Pinterest can really eat into your data, but there are ways of utilising these data hungry apps without diminishing your data bundle too much.

Every Apple iOS update brings new features that are intended to make your app usage and cell phone usage easier, but these new features eat through data at an alarming rate!

We have put together this handy list of the top data hogs on your iPhone and iPad and where possible an explanation of how to stem the flow of data.

Image and video heavy apps such as Facebook and Instagram will use up your data if you upload images/videos daily and casually browse your feed. Click here to find out how to update your Facebook and Instagram settings


Google Maps will not use a huge amount of data, but if left running in the background for more than an hour it can easily eat through 10’s of megabytes of data. Click here for tips on reducing the amount of data Google maps uses


WIFI assist is a new feature from Apple in iOS9 that can use data very quickly. WIFI assist will automatically switch your iPhone/iPad to your using cellular data plan when it detects a very weak WIFI signal. Click here for tips on turning off WIFI assist


Configure your iPhone/iPad settings to only connect to the App Store for updates when using a WIFI network. Tips on configuring the App Store on your mobile device

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