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Are you serious about reducing your environmental footprint by going green? We know many of you are, but tracking your consumption can be quite the task. We have identified awesome apps to assist you in reducing your environmental footprint to help you to do your part in protecting the environment.


To help you to collectively solve climate change, OroEco will inspire you to be part of a solution to global warming. The app will help you to understand your carbon footprint so you can pave the way to a better future. The app will also help you to save money and earn rewards.

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Ecoviate will provide you with a constant newsfeed of environmentally friendly activities and posts on eco-friendly tips, tricks and products to help you save energy, conserve water and reduce your environmental impact. The app is even gamified so you can gain ‘Eco-Points’ and rewards. This can be looked at to see how you rank among your friends and others on the leaderboard.

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UberConference can help you and your business to minimise your environmental footprint. In addition to the environmental advantages, online conferencing is also a good way to save resources as travel allowances won’t be required for an on-site meeting/training session. The rich interface that UberConference has makes it easy to do things like mute a noisy caller and to dial-in another person mid-call. Employees can also share information on their screens so collective feedback can be received when strategising.

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Dropcountr connects people and their utility company’s via their mobile devices to assist water utilities and their customers to save water, money and time. With the instant communication that is offered, utilities can deliver customized drought and water budget messages instantly. In this way, users are notified of damaging leaks immediately. The app provides useful information which allows users see how much water they use and how they compare to others.

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