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Put your party hats on! Apple is having a party next week – and we suspect there will be two new guests. Apple is having a spring event focusing on education according to the invitation that was sent out to the media last week states CNET.

What the invitation stated was: “Join us to hear creative ideas for teachers and students.” However, what Apple didn’t mention was that there’s a good chance we could see some new products – including new iPads.

According to CNET, the iPad lineup got a fairly notable makeover just last year. In March 2017, the company replaced the iPad Air 2 with today’s entry-level 9.7-inch iPad and discontinued the Mini 2. Cnet further states that in June, the 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch Pros were unveiled. What was left was the miniature iPad Mini 4, which received a minor upgrade and the sole representative of earlier generations.

what you need to know about the ipad pro

The current Pro models are barely a year old, it feels a bit too early for Apple to change them. But yet, a number of the featured rumoured to be coming soon, including Face ID, would fit more naturally on the pricier Pro models than the entry-level iPad or Mini states Mac Daily News.

According to MacWorld, sources quoted by Bloomberg in November 2017 predicted that new iPads with Face ID would be released “a little more than a year after the last major iPad Pro upgrade” showing that WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) would likely also provide a platform for the launch.

Furthermore, CNET predicts that Apple could include Pencil support in lower-cost iPads to support art and other graphics-based work on iPads in schools. They might even redesign the Pencil with a more child-friendly design and eraser functionality.

Naturally, Apple hasn’t officially confirmed that any iPad launch is going to happen. But we sure do hope so!


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