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Can your Apple product run iOS 9? It probably can! Apple is not about to exclude users. As you will see below, it’s the exact same list of devices that could run iOS 8.

The list below outlines the devices compatible with the latest iOS software:

iPhone 6 Plus
– iPhone 6
– iPhone 5s
– iPhone 5c
– iPhone 5
– iPhone 4s
iPod touch 5
– iPad Air 2
– iPad Air
– iPad 4
– iPad 3
– iPad 2
– iPad mini 3
– iPad mini 2
– iPad mini

Of course, all the devices will not be able to run all of the features. Split Viewing apps for instance, will only be available on the iPad Air 2 and later iPads.

However, the software compatibility will ensure that more devices will be able to run apps built for iOS 9 so if you don’t have the latest model you don’t have to be excluded.

We can help you with if you’re unable to download the latest iOS on your device. and we can ensure everything is working properly. Simply click here to book in your device for a software update.

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