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As stated by Apple CEO Tim Cook, the update takes the best and most advanced operating system and turns it up to 11. iOS 11 said to be a huge step for iPhone and a monumental leap for iPads. According to MacRumors iOS 11 introduces us to subtle design changes to interface elements throughout the operating system. It can be seen that the text is bolder, the Calculator and Phone have a completely new look, and the lock screen, as well as the Control Center, have been revamped entirely states MacRumors.

Now, the Control Center is totally customizable and there are also options to include a wider range of settings. No longer would you have to struggle with multiple screens, and 3D Touch integrations has broadened, so that you don’t need to everything through the Settings app states MacRumors.

What’s New?


iOS 11 features

One of the biggest changes to iOS 11 is the fun new emojis. There are about a 100 new or changed emojis that you can use if you make the update according to Tech Radar.

MacRumors states that a whole new range of Unicode 10 emoji like crazy face, pie, pretzel, t-rex, vampire, exploding head, face vomiting, shushing face, love you gesture, brain, scarf, zebra, giraffe, fortune cookie, pie, hedgehog, and more have been introduced in the iOS 11 update, expanding the number of emoji available to iOS users.


iphone iOS 11 guide

Furthermore, there are iOS11 features exclusively available for iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X users. According to Tech Radar Apple is combining emoji with animations, which takes advantage of the iPhone X’s 3D face-scanning TrueDepth camera. The result of this is Animoji. This great new feature tracks the muscles in your face to animate the emoji. Now you get to be more expressive and have real fun with emojis!

According to 9to5Mac there are a host of new features and interface changes, which includes a new file system with the Files all, a new Dock for iPad, a redesigned Control Center, drag and drop, ARKit – the new augmented reality platform from Apple, Apple Pay in Messages, a fresher looking App store, an improved, beloved Siri, and so much more.

Watch this video for some insight into the new software update. 




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