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Why does your iPhone overheat?

According to make tech easier there are three main reasons why your loved one could be overheating. Firstly, the processor could be under a heavy workload. If you’re playing games that are graphic-intensive or editing and exporting 4K videos, you’ll most likely see your battery dying down quicker and increasing heat from your iBaby. This is due to the fact that there are no fans inside your phone to cool down the processor. In most cases, your iPhone will only get warm and shouldn’t be enough to damage or even make a temperature-warning screen appear.

Secondly, the device is physically left in a hot condition. Keeping your iPhone in a hot car or outside in the sun is definitely something you should avoid. This can cause excessive heat which will damage your battery and other components.

Thirdly, your battery is failing. When your battery is failing it can distribute a lot of heat. You should then immediately power down, and have is serviced and/or replaced.

Best operating temperatures

iPhones are designed to run from 32° to 95° Fahrenheit, which is equivalent to 0° to 35° Celsius.

Tips to keep an iPhone cool

According to MacWorld you can follow these tips to keep your iBaby cool.

  • Remove the case (obvious we know, but it works!)
  • Don’t leave it in the car – temperatures can rise quickly in parked cars
  • Avoid direct sunlight (If you’re at the beach – keep it under a towel or in a bag)
  • Avoid playing too many games – games and particularly graphically enhanced games, puts a lot of strain on the processor, which heats up the phone
  • Stop using Bluetooth as it provides an extra heat source
  • Avoid using Map directions. Using the Maps turn-by-turn directions mode adss a lot of extra heat to your iPhone
  • Avoid charging your device until you get somewhere cooler, or the once the iPhone’s had a chance to cool down. Charging heats up the device.
  • Turn on Airplane mode.
  • Turn your iPhone off. It’s quite extreme, but if you’re worried about overheating then keeping the iPhone switched off when you’re not using it will help.

We hope these tips will help keep your iBaby as cool as a cucumber! Stay tuned for more Tips & Tricks, News and More from our Blog!





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