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Thousands of people worldwide have been making use of the video chat app called Google Meet. It is easy to access directly from your Gmail app on all Android and iOS devices. 

During the lockdown, Google Meet made its premium features available for free to consumers. This included unlimited call times, screen sharing and many other features. This allowed Google Meet to be in direct competition with its competitor, Zoom. 

It has been stated by a Google blog post that Meet should be available in the Gmail app on your phone in the following few weeks. When that happens we want you to be prepared. Read below how to use Google Meet on your mobile device.


Step 1: Select and open your Gmail app.

Step 2: Select the Meet tab that can be located in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Step 3: Select ‘New Meeting’ to instantly start a new meeting, create a meeting link or schedule and share a meeting in Calendar. Select ‘Join with a code’ to join meetings you have been invited to by others with the meeting code.

It’s as easy as that! Keep an eye out to see when this new feature will be available for you.

Source: CNET

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