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Unlike Facebook, Apple is specifically trying to be the better news source to its users and we can see it happening. We’re really excited about the slick and improved iOS 10 News App!  The updated App has a bolder, simpler interface that places its content front and center. The “For You” section is filled with customized picks and has been broken up into smaller topic-based sections with improved organization to make it easier to keep up with incoming stories.

Furthermore, the “For You” feature shows all of the topics a user follows along with “Trending News”. It displays current popular stories, and “Featured News,” a section with news suggestions hand picked by Apple’s infamous editors. To add to the user friendly aspect, there are now easier tools for sharing, liking and even disliking news stories. These features are accessible by simply swiping left or right on your iBabies’ screen.

To add to the excitement and helping you to stay in the loop, you can allow News to send you push notifications. To edit these notifications later, and to delete some or add new ones, you simply tap “Favourites” on the bottom in News, then tap the icon that looks like a bell in the upper left corner.

Currently there are only a couple of publications like CNN, National Geographic, and the New York Times that offer notifications. They are however working on it to bring the day’s most relevant stories right to your lock screen, without having to open the News app itself.

It seems that this slick interface, and user-friendly iOS 10 News App is sure to rise above all other news sources of its kind, stay tuned for more!



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