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Attention Apple fans: Apple has released iOS 11.3 BETA to the public. A huge addition to this release is the Battery Health feature on some iPhone models states MacWorld. It can be seen that Apple has started releasing BETA’s of iOS 11.3 and it’s going to include some cool features, such as a toggle for CPU throttling on phones old batteries says MacWorld.

What’s New to iOS 11.3?

Battery and Performance

iPhone battery health

Apple Insider stated that the battery and performance settings will be added to address user complaints, after the discovery was made that Apple limits CPU performance on some devices with deteriorated batteries to prevent random shutdowns.

iCoud Messages

iCloud Messages

According to Apple Insider, the Messages features syncs your Messages “stack” between devices seamlessly. Storing all your Messages on your iCloud account and freeing up space on your device. You can sign into a new device and see your whole Messages history right away. If you delete a message on one device – it’ll be gone everywhere. Yay!

Apple Music Videos

Apple Music Videos

According to Apple Insider another feature being added in iOS 11.3 is Apple Music videos. You will be able to stream all the music videos you want, without being interrupted by ads! (Say what!?) This will include new music video playlists from your favorite artists.

The Apple News app will now feature a new Video group in the For You section, and improved Top Stories says MacWorld.



As stated by MacWorld, iPhone X peeps will also get four new Animoji to play with, which includes: a lion, bear, dragon and skull. 

ARKit 1.5

ARKit 1.5

Apple is also taking its AR Game to new heights in iOS 11.3 with ARKit 1.5. It brings a more immersive experience for the user which integrates with their surroundings. Apple further states that the new ARKit will be able to recognise and place virtual objects on vertical surfaces like walls and doors.

Health Records

Apple Health Records

According to MacWorld the new software update will also feature a new Health Records app that aims to streamline patients’ medical data across health-care providers. The passcode-protected app will be able to collect health data from various institutions and organize it into a single view, which includes notifications for lab results, medications and conditions says Apple.


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