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Hip Hip Hooray! Last week Thursday, our beloved iPhone celebrated its 10th birthday! Let’s take a trip down memory lane to see how the most well-known phone in the world changed the smartphone landscape and even its parent company Apple.

100 Songs

We’ll start with the Motorola. Yes no kidding – the ROKR E1 was the first phone to support iTunes. This bad boy featured a 2.5mm audio jack, stereo speakers and had the ability to sync your music library with your computer’s iTunes. The only issue was that it could only hold 100 songs. A lot has changed since then!

The App Store

Sadly the App Store was not a feature of the original iPhone, but came a year later with the launch of the iPhone 3G. The App Store launched with merely 500 apps on its virtual shelves. That number has grown to a shocking 2 million since those dark days.


The iPhone camera was nothing special at first and the 2G and 3G camera’s couldn’t even record video. Starting with the iPhone 4, the brand focused on image quality. Since then Apple has been in the leading pack, even though competition has gotten quite intense.

As you can image, camera apps such as Instagram, Snapchat, Vine and many others launched on the iPhone first.

FaceTime pushed people to use video chat. Video calles was one of the main features of 3G networks and the first 3G phones made a big deal out of it.

Hi there Siri

When Apple gets into something, it makes a huge impact. Siri is a fantastic example of that, even though it wasn’t original Apple Tech. It was however the first digital assistant people knew by name.


The iPhone 5’s Lightning port replaced the 30-pin port, which was sorely outdated and it also paved the way for reversible USB-C. Apple’s strength in building a cohesive platform is that is really takes the lead. Standard headphones were an uncontrolled variable, but all lightning port headphones and adaptors need to be Mfi certified.

A Look into the Future

So, what does the future hold for the infamous iPhone? We can’t be sure, but looking at Apple’s deals – one thing is clear – the company wants to own the tech used on the production line.

It has an in-house CPU designer, an in-house GPU is coming, the company is also investing in mircroLED displays. It wouldn’t be surprising to hear rumours that Apple is looking into making camera sensors as well.

Finally we can conclude that Apple and its iPhone has left a massive following of loving and die-hard fans and most of us would never switch back to another brand after a brief experience with a slick, beautiful and user-friendly iBaby.




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