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Level 3 has seen many companies returning to the workforce, albeit in rotation and with firm social distancing practices in place. For those of us still spending time at home, dreaming about the hum of the office coffee machine and the chatter of our co-workers, we have found the perfect website for you.

The Sound of Colleagues website provides just that – a customisable melody derived from the regular sounds of a functional office space, including keyboard clatter, shrill telephone rings and even the drone of a printer. Each element can be softened or raised to create your perfect office symphony, while still maintaining an overall atmosphere of serenity and focus. You can practically smell the cologne of your desk neighbour as he asks to use your stapler again!

The site works as a tab that can be left open for background ambience while you get on with your work day, or simply plug-in your headphones for a more all-encompassing effect. The site creators have even created a Spotify playlist for those who aren’t quite won over by the generic humdrum. The playlist features a variety of office atmospheres, from the clacking typewriters of the 60s to a modern skyscraper with opened windows.

Overall, both the site and custom tracks do the perfect job at making the lone WFH-er feel a bitless isolated and a tad more motivated. The saying goes, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder,” and perhaps a small reminder can be a surprisingly significant comfort during times such as these. So turn up the volume, close your eyes and listen as the photocopier malfunctions – it’s like nothing has changed at all!

Source: Mashable

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