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Last month, Apple Pay came to ZA, and it’s an exciting time to be alive. Apple users can now pay with their iPhone or Apple Watch, easily, seamlessly, and with nary a wallet in sight. Apple Pay has been coming out internationally rather slowly – and let’s face it, we thought South Africa would be last in line. However, Apple users noted the change and experienced Apple Pay before it was even announced!

Nedbank confirmed the news and Absa did a formal press release once users had beat them to it by posting online about Apple Pay finally being here! Apple Pay is up and at ‘em with Nedbank, Absa and Discovery Bank – but here’s the kicker, FNB (at the time of writing) has not yet made Apple Pay available to its customers, and while they say they’re working on it, we’re not sure when FNB clients will be able to make use of this shiny new gadget.

Are you excited that Apple Pay is here? Or are you Android all the way?


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