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Cracked Screen?
Model 3rd Party Original
1st Gen 38mm R2349 N/A
1st Gen 42mm R2599 N/A
2nd Gen 38mm R2999 N/A
2nd Gen 42mm R3199 N/A
3rd Gen 38mm R3399 N/A
3rd Gen 42mm R3499 N/A
4th Gen 40mm R4100 N/A
4th Gen 44mm R4200 N/A
Flat Battery?
Model 3rd Party Original
1st Gen 38mm R690 N/A
1st Gen 42mm R690 N/A
2nd Gen 38mm R575 N/A
2nd Gen 42mm R736 N/A
3rd Gen 38mm R828 N/A
3rd Gen 42mm R851 N/A
4th Gen 40mm R879 N/A
4th Gen 42mm R889 N/A

* We Repair speakers, mics, water damage etc.

* All pricing includes VAT and Labour

* Terms & Conditions apply

Why Repair your Apple Watch with The Real Repair Company?

The Apple Watch is the latest trend in devices, a wrist-worn mobile device intended to free your hands from your mobile phones. Smartwatches are your ideal everyday companion, allowing you to separate yourself from your phone and still make calls, answer texts, receive notifications, listen to music, and importantly, monitor your vitals and track your activity with the many fitness functions packed into the device. It’s the perfect device for the physically active and those constantly on the go. But like all devices, your smartwatch is susceptible to damage, even more so for the physically active.

But in the unfortunate event that your device stops working as well as it should, or it suffers from damages of any kind, you don’t have to kiss your Apple Watch goodbye. At The Real Repair Company, we’re equipped to repair the full range of Apple Smartwatch devices, including the 1st Gen, 2nd Gen, 3rd Gen and 4th Gen watches in their varying sizes. And our highly skilled technicians will do all that they can to restore your device to perfect working condition, as shiny as it was the first time you took it out the box.

To do this, we don’t just repair broken screens or flat batteries. We do an extensive range of repairs, including but not limited to broken power buttons, broken speakers/mics, cracked cases, damaged ports and jacks, faulty vibrations, water damage and even operating system failure. And the fun doesn’t stop there. To make sure your watch is back on your wrist in no time at all, our technicians are guaranteed to fix your device within an hour of receiving it, putting their skills to work so we can promise our customers our famous One-Hour turnaround times before they get their precious device back to them.

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