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With life moving at a rapid pace, it can be extremely frustrating when one of the things we look at most (our phone) starts to act slowly. When this happens, a few things could cure your iBaby’s sluggish nature.

Apple iBaby slow speed

A Simple Reboot

One of the first causes of a slow iBaby may just be that it hasn’t had time to rest. Give it a reboot and maybe it’ll spark back into the speedy delight which you so deeply desire.

Turn Off Background Refresh

If the reboot doesn’t work, try turning off the background app refresh setting. If you have a lot of apps refreshing in the background, these will use your device’s CPU and slow down your iPhone. By selecting only a few apps to background refresh, you will be clearing up some of the CPU space for the tasks at hand.

Turn Off Automatic Updates

Another setting that could be occupying your CPU is automatic updates. Turning off the auto-update feature for apps will allow your phone to focus on other tasks. You can always start updating all your apps just before you go to sleep, since this will be when you aren’t using your phone.

Apple iBaby speed optimisation

Delete Apps & Images

Probably one of the more effective steps is to clear up some space on your iBaby. When it starts to run out of space, they tend to slow down as your device tries to figure out where the information should be stored or what is being used to run processes. As much as we hold our pictures and apps close to our hearts, sometimes we need to be brutal and just delete those funny pictures we have been holding onto for so long and that app that we “might use one day”.

After trying these options, try rebooting again. Sometimes a reboot helps our iBaby “realise” that you have cleared up some space.

Finally, if nothing is working, try bringing your iBaby into your nearest The Real Repair Company store for a complimentary assessment.


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