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Taking a screenshot on your device is not only a necessary basic skill, but often it requires almost no effort at all! With enough practice, and based on your preferences, we’re sure that you’ll master the art of screen capturing with one of these three simple techniques. We’re sure that soon you’ll be taking screenshots of just about everything that pops up on your device, and wowing your friends with you ninja-like screenshot abilities!

Button Combinations

This method works across all Huawei devices, no matter the model. Simply locate and simultaneously press the Power and Volume Down buttons to capture an image of what is displayed on your device, including the lock screen. You can then find the automatically saved image in your gallery.

Top Bar

As with the previous technique, this method can also be used on any Huawei device. When you’re on the page that you want to capture, drag down the top settings bar and select the Screenshot option to capture an image of your screen display. It really doesn’t get much faster and simpler than that!

Knuckle Knock

The third method we’re going to explore is only compatible with devices that support the knuckle technique. In order to activate this method, go to Settings and select Smart Assistance. Next, tap Motion Control, then turn on the Smart Screenshot feature. Now that the setting is activated, you can capture a screenshot by knocking twice on the screen with your knuckles. What’s great about this method, is that it also allows for alternative screenshot styles. To capture a scrolling screen (for example, the full length of a web page), knock once on the screen and keep your knuckles down. Draw an “S” shape with your knuckles, then release. The final feature of the knuckle knock method, is to capture a partial screenshot of a specific area of the display. Knock once and then drag your knuckle in a circle to highlight the area of the screen you want to capture. Remember to return to your starting point to close off the area, and everything inside the blue outline will be captured and saved as an image to your gallery.

Huawei certainly keeps their screenshot features diverse and exciting! Be sure to try out all three of these methods the next time you need to capture your display.



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