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Apple has been under some pressure to produce new and innovative products. Apart from the Apple watch, these smart glasses are the new addition to their wearable technology repertoire.

What are these iGlasses all about?

The iGlasses, as it were, are still being explored, but the just of it is that these glasses will be able to connect to iPhones wirelessly. It will provide the user with useful information and images within their immediate surroundings. The rumour is that the smart glasses will be using augmented reality (AR).

The case for AR

After the success of Pokemon Go, many companies, including Apple, have found a new appreciation for the potential that AR holds. What AR does, is it supplements people’s view of reality with images and an array of subsequent digital information.

When it comes to competitive advantage, Apple is never too far behind. The conception and production of these glasses can mean big things for the company. With their eagerness to venture fully into the AR space, they have acquired a number of companies to assist them in exploring the AR route more seriously.

Why this route?

There’s been limited growth in users and buyers for Apple’s iPhone – so the company has indeed been feeling the heat to produce new products that could possibly be lucrative for the business. Because the glasses are dependent on the iPhone, this could mean a boost in sales for the iPhone.

The way forward

There have been reports that Apple have ordered a number of these glasses for testing purposes. They won’t necessarily go full-on into production mode yet, but if all goes according to plan, users will be introduced to the company’s next big product in 2018.

Apple is set to be leading the way yet again in innovation. We’re anticipating an off-the-charts product and even if it means holding our breath, we’ll do so for the next 2 years.

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