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We’ve given the new app Clubhouse a little while to settle in before giving you an inside look into the all new conversationalist app, coined by (you guessed it) Elon Musk. Clubhouse allows you to listen to other live conversations happening all around the world, people creating live podcasts, just chatting for the world to hear or talking pop culture, current events and more. It’s described as an audio-chat social network. Many have likened it to Twitter – but where people tweet out loud and keep a conversation going with listeners ‘raising their hand’ to participate in the session.

While it’s a versatile app for conversation, it’s a rather new concept that people weren’t entirely sure about. There’s no video – just voice. And it’s pretty exclusive from what we’ve seen (You can’t just join, you need to be invited.) People have been seen selling Clubhouse invites on eBay (beware of scammers!). The app is only available for iOS at the moment, as they expand.

There’s plenty going on inside the Clubhouse realm, from comedians like Kevin Hart, all the way to streamers just chatting with their audience in an ephemeral set-up, where ‘what happens in Clubhouse stays in Clubhouse.’ No fancy equipment – just iPhones. And while the app is still in its infancy, there’s still been a lot of issues with hate speech. It’s been banned in parts of the world due to the app’s ‘totally free speech’ characteristic, and many discussions involving political vitriol.

So, our opinion on Clubhouse – we’re not that keen on an invite just yet. We think that there are plenty of bugs to fix, some privacy issues to look into, a form of moderation to be created – especially for the younger generation joining in on discussions. It’s basically just like listening to conversations and podcasts live – which you can do, and participate in (both live and not) on YouTube and Twitch, which are already established with moderators and a more streamlined system. But, if Clubhouse sounds like the hangout for you – go for it!

Download it for iOS here.


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