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Christened Appel Park by the late CEO Steve Jobs, the Apple Campus in Cupertino, California (located just more than a mile east from the Company’s headquarters), has been under construction since 2013 and has had the media and Apple geeks alike abuzz lately.

Set to open initially for 12 000 employees, who will all move in by April 2017, construction for the 5 billion dollar project will continue for another estimated six months thereafter, during which Apple plans to accommodate 14 200 employees in total. It will also house a café and Apple Store, which will both be open to the public.

What else do we know about the UFO-shaped facility, also known as Apple Campus 2, thus far?

It has been built with high demands

Apple has been working with architectural practice Foster + Partners on the project for years, and has insisted that the more than 260 000 square foot building may not have a stray wire or pipe in site of view, and even that the polished concrete ceiling panels must be perfect inside-out. Workers even have to wear gloves so as not to leave fingerprints behind.

Furthermore, the architecture seems to resemble the iPhone, with the elevators sporting an iPhone-based button; indeed, the entire structure itself seems to resemble a gigantic iPhone button. Even the toilets apparently bear semblance to the mobile device.

Another interesting fact to note is that the building will have the world’s longest piece of curved glass on its exterior, measuring at more than 6 kilometers!

It’s also worth noting that the building is not very functional

Seeing as it is shaped like, well, a doughnut. The quickest way from one point to another would actually be to get outside and walk over. It seems Apple is more interested in creating something iconic than practical.

That said, it has been designed to be naturally ventilated, meaning that it will not require internal cooling or heating for 9 months of the year.

There is a theatre

And it is to be named the Steve Jobs Theatre, in memory of the pioneer’s ground-breaking work. It will be able to seat 1 000 people and is set on a hill on the grounds that overlooks the premises.

It’s completely powered by renewable energy

This is thanks to the 260 000 square meter roof being entirely covered with solar panels that will collectively generate 17 megawatts of power.

The campus is pretty big

About 70 hectares, to be more specific. There will reportedly be 1 000 mountain bikes on site at all times, which employees may use to make their way around the grounds.

Apple plans to plant 9 000 trees on the premises. There will also be more than three kilometres of running and walking paths. The site will also include an orchard, meadow, and pond once landscaping is complete.

There is also already a parking garage in place for employees, as well as a 9 000 square meter fitness centre. The facility will also house a 27 000 square meters of research space.

All in all, the facility is a tribute to the very essence of Apple’s vision; simple, elegant modern-futuristic and almost entirely impossible to conceive of in the mind alone.



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