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Switching to a new smartphone might seem a bit scary, and while there might be many ways to change from one smartphone to another, this article explains the best and easiest way to switch from Samsung to iPhone without losing any precious data.


The Easiest Way To Switch From Samsung To Apple

First things first, always back up your current smartphone before attempting to transfer to a new smartphone. Simply go to the Smart Switch app to backup your Samsung device.

Once the backup is done, follow these simple steps:


1. Move to IOS

Start by downloading and installing Apple’s free Move To iOS app for Android from Google Play. This app scans your Samsung device for important data such as email accounts, contacts, texts, photos, calendars and web browser bookmarks, and prepares to transfer them to your iPhone device. Make sure to connect the two phones wirelessly and your data should move into the correct apps on your iPhone instantly!


2. Download Your Apps

Since you’re moving to a completely new operating system, your Android apps won’t work on your Apple device – but uckily, many apps have both iPhone and Android versions. On your iPhone, open the App Store app, search for the apps you need, and download them. If there’s no iPhone version of an Android app, there’s probably an equivalent.

NOTE: If you’ve got an account in an app, you should be able to log into the same account on the iPhone.Depending on the app, in-app purchases from your Samsung may or may not transfer to the iPhone. If the purchases don’t transfer, contact the app’s developer.


3. Moving Your Tunes

Transferring your music when you switch is pretty simple — assuming you use Spotify, Apple Music, or another streaming service. If you have music ripped to your computer, import it into iTunes (or Music, on a Mac) and sync the music to your iPhone.


4. Transferring Podcasts

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to transfer podcast episodes you’ve already downloaded to your iPhone, unless you’re a Spotify subscriber (which has great syncing capabilities). Your best bet would be to re-subscribe to your podcasts in the iPhone podcast app and re-download the episodes you want.


5. Transferring eBooks

Whether you bought from Amazon’s Kindle app, Google Books, Kobo, or something else, install the iPhone app, log into your account, and download your books. Depending on the file type, you may also be able to sync the books directly from your computer to Apple Books.

As you can see, transferring from one device to another doesn’t have to be a daunting task, with Move To iOS all the heavy lifting is taken care of. Let us know what else you’d like us to talk about!

Source: Lifewire

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