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  1. Thinking about how your life may just need a digital makeover? We explore some of the many hidden features in the upcoming iOS 14 update that’ll have you beaming in no time. 1. Protect Your Photos: You may not want apps having access to your entire gallery which is why you’re able to grant them access to only a select amount of photos. Don’t fret – your visual secrets are now safe. 2. Master Your Exposure Settings: You’ll now be able to set and lock exposure settings whilst changing your camera focus. Happy snapping! 

    3. Easy Video and Photo Control: Your volume control buttons can now be used to record videos in QuickTime, or snap burst photos depending on which button you choose to use. Enable this feature by:

    • Heading to your Settings > selecting Camera
    • Turning on the switch for “Use Volume Up for Burst.”

    4. Night Mode Amps Up The Power: Apple now offers you better night mode control allowing you to take amazing photos amidst darker backdrops. It also features a gyroscope to guide your frame and help you capture your best shot!

    5. Picture-in-Picture: A pretty easy way to practice your multitasking whilst still engaging with your friends and family over FaceTime. You’ll now be able to search the web, write notes or message other contacts without disrupting conversation. 

    6. Attention-Aware: A feature which will remind you (if you’re not) to hold eye-contact during video calls. Could be your next interviews saving grace or simply help you keep your A grade online etiquette .

    7. Streamlined Emoji Selection: If you’re constantly sifting through the endless emojis available on offer, you might enjoy using the new text bar function to search for emojis related to specific words. 

    8. Musical Continuity: The new AutoPlay feature immediately searches for new songs after your playlist comes to an end. It’s effective and a quick way to discover tons of fresh tunes. 

9. Health Manager: Apple has proved damn good at reminding us about how important our health is so it’s no surprise that its new Health Checklist monitors your ECG, mobility, health records, and other valuable info. 

10. AirPods At Their Best: Apple has implemented an improved motion API for our pods, allowing the earpieces to track our acceleration, orientation, and rotational rates. This aids the enhancement of performance for activities such as gaming and the use of fitness apps. 

11. AirPod Automatic Switching and Spatial Audio: These two features allow you to seamlessly connect your AirPods to different Apple devices and deliver quality sound for an audio-immersive experience.

12. Podcasts “Up Next”: Take pride in your podcasting sessions by customizing which podcasts you’d like to listen to and when you’d like to listen to them. 

13. Voice Record Like A Pro: Ever replayed a voice recording and wished you hadn’t or thought “Is this really as good as it gets?”. Seems silly to doubt yourself over the little things, which is why Apple has made sure you’ll be able to alter the quality of your recordings to ensure life-like audio is received by your contacts. 

14. Advanced Weather Reporting: Channel your inner weather geek with the latest improvements to the weather app. You’ll be able to track weather forecasts with more nuance and accuracy so you’ll never forget your washing on the line again… at least not because of Apple. 

15. Private Wifi Address: If you’re still feeling a little uneasy about connecting to strange and varying Wi-Fi networks, fear not! The second you connect to a new Wi-Fi network, you’ll be asked whether you’d like to “Use Private Address” . If you select Yes, you’ll be preventing networking operators from monitoring your online behaviour or gaining access to your data. Pretty slick. 

16. Screen Mode: A new screen mode classified by the blue man icon on your drop down screen will allow you to do whatever it is you do, in peace. When this icon is clicked, your device immediately darkens your screen and turns on the “Do Not Disturb” feature, vital for your well-being and sanity. 

17. Calendar Optimization: Turns out you don’t have to spend half your morning scrolling through the many pages of your yearly iPhone calendar to select a date. You can now select days of the year to edit or change efficiently and quickly. 

18. Messaging Made Easy: New iMessage filters will provide you with a way of organising your messages according to various categories such as unknown senders, known senders, junk and promotions. Congrats! You can now efficiently block any Friday afternoon calls from those infuriating outsurance companies who just can’t seem to leave you be. 

19. Multi-Purpose Mapping: If you’re a cyclist, you’ll love that Apple has dedicated a new and improved directions section to you. You’ll be able to ride at ease whilst staying in the know about all your surroundings. An additional “Guides” section will allow users to explore cafes, restaurants, markets, and other interesting locations nearby. 

20. Contact Makeover: Ever wish you had more info about your boss or your new partner’s parents, more than just a name and a blank canvas? Up until recently, Apple’s contact profiles have remained pretty bland. Siri can now help you personalise your contacts by giving you person-specific information derived from your emails, that you can add to your contact sheets. 

All in all, we just want to say a big thanks to Apple and can’t wait for the release of this mega-cool update due later this year!   

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