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Video chat app downloads have skyrocketed since the global COVID-19 outbreak. People around the world are using these apps to get their social fix while in isolation by chatting to friends and family, as well as using the technology to keep in touch with clients and colleagues while working from home. Unfortunately, not all of us have access to a laptop or webcam, so here’s a list of video chat apps that are designed for mobile users, allowing you to keep in touch and on-trend during the lockdown.


This is the app that everyone is talking about (and with)! Zoom is a video conferencing app that allows you to log in and start or schedule meetings with other Zoom users in your contacts. It’s available for both desktop and mobile, and meetings can have anything from 2 to 100 participants at a time. 

Download: iOS, Android

Facebook Messenger

This app has become an entirely separate entity from the main Facebook app a few years ago. Users can even make use of its features without having a Facebook account. To start a video chat, simply enter an existing conversation or start a new one with one of your contacts and tap the video camera icon. You can also start a group video chat by creating a group with selected contacts and then tapping the video chat icon.

Download: iOS, Android


Skype was one of the first mainstream video chat apps and since its acquisition by Microsoft, there have been a few changes to modernise the platform, including availability on both desktop and mobile. Similarly to Zoom, instead of having to call a contact, you can now enter a meeting by simply clicking a link. You can also make individual or group calls, allowing up to 50 participants.

Download: iOS, Android

Google Duo

As the name suggests, this video chat app is produced by Google and available on both iOS and Android devices. Calls made on the platform are encrypted, ensuring privacy and security. You can chat with individual contacts, or create groups of up to 11 participants with a unique group name and icon. 

Download: iOS, Android


One of the most used chat apps worldwide, WhatsApp has over 2 billion users! You can text, voice call or video call individuals or groups by simply entering the conversation and clicking the video camera icon. The app is renowned for its end-to-end encryption, which means that only participants have access to the data within a chat. 

Download: iOS, Android

There’s no reason to not be a part of the video chat mania. Your smartphone has you covered to keep you connected throughout quarantine and beyond.


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