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As exciting as having a Samsung Galaxy S10 is, there is so much available that can help you improve your experience of the device even more. The customisability of the S10 means you can change various aspects of the phone to suit your personal wants and needs. Let’s take a look at a few of the possibilities.

Make notifications look cool

One of the great design features of the newer Samsung phones is the curved screen. Samsung has taken this into account when adding some additional features including one that allows you to change how you see notifications. You can replace popup notifications by lighting up these edges differently according to each app. Simply go to Settings > Display > Edge Screen > Edge Lighting and you will be able to customise it as you wish.

Use the hole-punch camera as a battery display

The hole-punch display is not for everyone, but if you figure out how customisable it is, you may actually like it. With the help of the third-party app, Energy Ring, you can turn this seemingly useless space into a stylish battery-life display with a number of different settings.

Customise your lock screen

The auto-display on your lock screen can be really useful for viewing something such as the time or weather without needing to unlock your phone. Most phones have this feature, but the S10’s auto-display can also be customised. Go to Settings > Lock Screen and you will be able to choose what will display and how it will look.

Open an app faster with the Bixby button

The Bixby button is great for opening Samsung’s voice assistant, but can also be remapped with an additional feature of opening an app. This is great if you have an app that you want to open faster rather than scrolling to find it. Go to Settings > Advanced > Bixby Key and choose the app you want to assign to the button and how to tap the button to open it.

Charge other phones

Not every feature of the Samsung S10 is built only for its specific owners. The new reversible wireless charging allows you to charge other phones with yours, as long as their phones support Qi wireless charging. So you can help someone out if they need that little bit extra battery.

There is so much more to discover with the Samsung S10. Just look a little deeper and see what you can find and how you can customise your device even further.


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