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Many iOS 10 users have deemed 3D Touch the most exciting feature of the iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, 7 and 7 Plus. If you’re not familiar with the feature, what it entails is that the iPhone picks up the amount of pressure you apply to the screen (soft touch vs hard touch) to allow you to perform various actions.

Read on to learn a few handy 3D Touch hacks:

Faster accessibility for apps

When you press hard on an app, it blurs out the other apps in the background and releases a dropdown menu for the app you have selected.

The idea is that this allows you to access where you want to be directed to in the app faster. Say, if you press hard on your Mail app, the dropdown menu will present you with the option to either access your mailbox, search for mails and contacts or type a new email.


This feature works with list view style apps. With Messages, for instance, you have the option of pressing on a message to ‘peek’ at it. As soon as you release the message, you automatically return to the page you were previously on.


Whenever you are typing on the keypad, you can press hard on it and wait for the letters and punctuation marks to vanish, enabling you to use it as a trackpad. This allows you to edit or erase misspelled words and edit sentences by moving the cursor.

Live photos

The new ‘Live’ camera feature enables you to capture a second and a half of audio and movement when you press down on the photo.


When you see a link, you can press down hard on it to get a link preview.
While it may arguably still be in its early phase, the 3D touch feature is a pivotal new advance in Apple’s quest to create increasingly integrated user-friendly technology.

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