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These days, a smartphone is so much more than something to simply call, text and browse social media with. We thought we’d share with you just how versatile smartphones can be. Here are 3 things you can do with your smartphone that you wouldn’t normally expect.


There are quite a few skincare devices out there that link up with your smartphone to give you a futuristic skincare experience. For example – a face mask device with serum and LED light therapy. You open the app on your smartphone, take a small quiz each time you do a face mask with this device and according to your answers on how your skin feels, the app will recommend a serum to put into it, and will create a light therapy pattern based on what your skin needs. Who needs to text and call when you can have a techno face mask?

Brushing your teeth

Brushing your teeth can no longer be a guessing game when it comes to a smart toothbrush paired to your phone. No more trying to ‘feel’ what two minutes is or absentmindedly brush your teeth while missing a whole bunch of spots. These kinds of toothbrushes sync up with the app and time your brushing, while telling you where you’ve missed in your mouth. It can also be programmed to brush on different vibration settings for things like whitening, sensitive or deep cleaning. It’s like a little dentist in your pocket!

Finding out what ‘that’ is

“What on earth is that?” you ask yourself from time to time… Your smartphone or smart assistant can help you to identify exactly what ‘that’ is. See a flower you love the smell of? You can see its name just by taking a picture of it and asking “Ok Google.. What flower is this?” Simple, no? You have an entire encyclopedia right at your fingertips.

And there you have it! A few super cool things that you can do with your smartphone inline with today’s technology.

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