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It’s very possible you may be someone who often loses their belongings, or even just forgets where they have parked. Recently, Apple have now come out with their newest product… the Apple AirTag. This product has been designed to prevent you from losing whatever item you attach it to.

This new product is one that should be popular amongst many. It is easy to use and the concept just makes sense. How often have you wondered where your keys were or where you put your backpack, well if you have the airtag attached all you do is look on Find My on your Apple device and it will direct you to the exact location of what you are looking for. The directions are simple to follow and you are given the exact distance when searching.

The sleek design is something that will draw people into buying this product with a stainless steel underside and top, Apple logo and white ring around it. The AirTag does look appealing which is useful because even with all the positives, I’m sure nobody would attach an ugly looking gadget to their keys. It is lightweight and very small, therefore you would barely even notice you had it with you.

A product such as this really does show how the world of technology is evolving. One of the most impressive things about the AirTag is how it sends the signal to your phone showing its location. If you are looking for your bag for example, and you left it on the bus. The AirTag if in Lost Mode will ping its location to every passing Apple device, which then gets passed onto you through iCloud. All that is being said is if there are people in possession of any Apple device nearby, you will be relocating your bag with ease.

The question that will inevitably arise is whether any precautions are taken if a person uses their AirTag to stalk and follow you. Of course the answer is yes, if an unknown AirTag is in your possession your phone will notify you about it. Also if you don’t have an Apple device your phone will start to make a noise after 3 days telling you about the unknown device.

Now there aren’t many negatives to this at all and I have no doubt that many AirTags will be bought, however in my opinion the only question is; have they made this affordable enough for their customers to buy?

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