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Thanks to modern technology, we are able to track everything! Here are 5 awesome apps to track your life

Track your baby – Baby Connect

To understand your baby’s schedule, you can keep a log of their diaper changes, nap times and lengths and eating times. Multiple log-ins also allow both parents to keep track at the same time.

Track your family – Life360

Using GPS you can track your family’s whereabouts. Built-in messaging lets you send messages to anyone that is late for a family event.

Track your pets – Pet Phone

With this app, you can keep track of your beloved pet’s health needs and appointments in one place.

Track your shopping list – Out Of Milk

Out Of Milk allows you to have multiple shopping lists to stay on top of what you need every time you head out to the store.

Track your to-do list – Google Keep

Anything you need to note down, you can do via Google Keep. You can input and view items within various projects from your iPhone or from your desktop. The best part is that you can share the contents with other users so a group to-do-list can also be managed.



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