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Thanks to modern technology, we are able to track everything! Here are the best apps to track your health.


Track your running – MapMyRun

This amazing app will help you to monitor and save your jogging routes and to records your times and speed. Thereafter you can chart out the results. But there’s another cool feature, you can monitor the calories lost during a run!

Track your weight loss – Lose it!

With this app you can set goals, input results and track your progress during your weight-loss journey.

Track your calorie intake – My Fitness Pal

To track your calorie intake, you can input your meals to keep an account of what you are consuming so you can improve your dietary habits.

Track your mood – Expereal                                           

At any given moment you can rate your life on a scale of 1 to 10 to view your moods over time and the progress you’ve made.

Track your bowel movements – PoopLog

While this may not sound too kosher, some of us need to keep a log of our poop schedule for health reasons. With PoopLog you can record your bowel movements by time, type and volume to identify and remedy any health issues.

Track your period –Ovuview

If you would like to maximise or minimise your chances of getting pregnant, you need Ovuview. The app can predict the date of your next period and it can also assist you by tracking and predicting your ovulation and fertility.

Track your pregnancy – I’m Expecting

As your pregnancy progresses, you can use this app to see how your baby is growing and to track your pregnancy symptoms in comparison to other expectant moms.


Track your sleep – SleepCycle

Trouble getting a good night’s rest? You can track your sleep to determine how often you moved around at night to determine the quality of your sleep. Based on your findings you can identify possible causes during your evening routine that could have affected your quality of sleep.

Track your heart rate – Cardiograph

Your camera’s flash can monitor small changes in the colour of your finger based on your pulse and it counts the beats to log your heart rate.


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