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Thanks to modern technology, we are able to track everything! At this point, we’re sure that you’re quite familiar with the fact that there are apps that count your calorie intake or that analyse your spending habits.

However, with a multitude of apps available, picking the bests ones based on your needs can take some time. So we’ve drawn up a list of the best apps to track everything in your life.

Track your heart rate – Cardiograph
Your camera’s flash can monitor small changes in the colour of your finger based on your pulse and it counts the beats to log your heart rate.

Track your mood – Expereal
At any given moment you can rate your life on a scale of 1 to 10 to view your moods over time and the progress you’ve made.

Track your period –Ovuview
If you would like to maximise or minimise your chances of getting pregnant, you need Ovuview. The app can predict the date of your next period and it can also assist you by tracking and predicting your ovulation and fertility.

Track your pregnancy – I’m Expecting
As your pregnancy progresses, you can use this app to see how your baby is growing and to track your pregnancy symptoms in comparison to other expectant moms.

Track your baby – Baby Connect
To understand your baby’s schedule, you can keep a log of their diaper changes, nap times and lengths and eating times. Multiple log-ins also allow both parents to keep track at the same time.

Track your family – Life360
Using GPS you can track your family’s whereabouts. Built-in messaging lets you send messages to anyone that is late for a family event.

Track your pets – Pet Phone
With this app, you can keep track of your beloved pets health needs and appointments in one place.

Track your running – MapMyRun
This amazing app will help you to monitor and save your jogging routes and to records your times and speed. Thereafter you can chart out the results. But there’s another cool feature, you can monitor the calories lost during a run!

Track your shopping list – Out Of Milk
Out Of Milk allows you to have multiple shopping lists to stay on top of what you need every time you head out to the store.

Track your to-do list – Google Keep
Anything you need to note down, you can do via Google Keep. You can input and view items within various projects from your iPhone or from your desktop. The best part is that you can share the contents with other users so a group to-do-list can also be managed.

Track your weight loss – Lose it!
With this app you can set goals, input results and track your progress during your weight-loss journey.

Track your calorie intake – My Fitness Pal
To track your calorie intake, you can input your meals to keep an account of what you are consuming so you can improve your dietary habits.

Track your bowel movements – PoopLog
While this may not sound too kosher, some of us need to keep a log of our poop schedule for health reasons. With PoopLog you can record your bowel movements by time, type and volume to identify and remedy any health issues.

Track your sleep – SleepCycle
Trouble getting a good night’s rest? You can track your sleep to determine how often you moved around at night to determine the quality of your sleep. Based on your findings you can identify possible causes during your evening routine that could have affected your quality of sleep.

Track your phone use – Call Meter 3G
You can track your use of minutes, texts and data against a personalised plan you implement to track how close you are at all times to going over your limits.

Track your mobile addiction – Checky
This app can help you to tackle your mobile addiction by tracking how many times you’ve checked your phone in a day. The results can be scary!

Track your mobile data use – My Data Manager
Mobile data bills can get very expensive if mobile usage is not well tracked. My Data Manager breaks down and lets you analyse your mobile data use over time so you can determine which applications eat the most of your data allowance.

Track your Twitter community – FollowerWonk
To see who you are following and who is following you back, you can download FollowerWonk. The app will even let you know when your Twitter community is most active so you can utilise the best times to tweet.

Track your daily commute – Commute Lite
You can track the time it takes each day to commute. The statistics can help you to improve and optimise your travelling times.

Track your finances – Mint
When you’re spending money left, right and centre, it is hard to keep track of exactly what is going on. Mint grabs data from various financial accounts then tracks and graphs all your spending and transactions so you don’t have to.

Track your investments – Wikinvest
Track your investment portfolio, view relevant news and stats and glance at the daily change in your investment portfolio with Wikinvest.

Track your budget – GoodBudget
Plan and track your budget-spend on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. You can also set limits to curb you from overspending.

Track your holiday spending – Travel Pocket
To ensure you do not overspend, Travel Pocket will allow you to set a budget to track your spend.

Track your productivity at work – Rescue Time
Unsure about the way you utilise your time at work and if it is as productive as you need it to be? To track the time spent on different programs and on completing various tasks, you can use Rescue Time. After looking at the findings, you can set up alerts to stop you from procrastinating or not utilising your time as effectively as possible.

Track your energy consumption – Energy Consumption Analyzer
Track your energy consumption by inputting gas, electricity and water readings to produce graphs and to reveal trends in your energy use. This will help you to cut back.

Track your net worth – Trov
Collate the value of everything you own, like your savings, technology, assets and household items. The result could be a net worth that is higher than you think!


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