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It’s often difficult to find the perfect balance between work and play when grafting from the comfort of your own home. With all the distractions popping up and stress of restructuring your home style, a helping hand (or app) is exactly what you may be in need of. We’ve summed up some of the most effective and efficient apps to ensure that you wake up confident and pumped to kick off your working week. Thank us later.


This app allows you to selectively block certain apps you feel may distract you when working, providing you with a way to take control of your screen time and work at your most productive level. Freedom runs on “blocking sessions” meaning that when you attempt to open an app you’ve previously selected to block, you’ll be prohibited- major life saver to stop you checking in on your friend’s insta stories or Facebook’s meme pages for the 3rd time in 5 minutes. The app reports impressive stats documenting that you’ll end up saving 2.5 hours each day helping you study, write, focus and orientate your time better than ever before. This app is a great reminder to take that much needed digital detox!


On the flip side, if you’d like to know where all of your time is going, Toggl is the app to have! The platform provides you with a simple and user-friendly way to work out where your effort is most needed, what’s holding you back and how you can break down your projects by the hour. Toggle also allows you to sync all your devices so that your tracking can be started and stopped wherever and whenever you see fit.


My Noise
Wishing your neighbours would stop fighting, your dogs would stop barking or simply that you just had some peace and quiet these days? MyNoise provides you with a streamlined way to cover up all the noises you dislike, with ones you do like. Choose from an array of sounds to perfect and protect your work atmosphere. What’s more- you shouldn’t have to sweat expenses just to work, relax or sleep efficiently which is why this app is completely free of charge.


The ultimate team manager at your service. Slack allows you to manage your teams all in one place. With customizable notification settings, live call and document collaboration features, service and tool integration- managing your group work has never been easier. This app serves its purpose for a range of teams from large corporations to small businesses making sure you never skip a beat!


Stand Up
It couldn’t be more straightforward. This funky app reminds you to do what we neglect 99% of the time in our day to day-to move. Stand Up helps you set reminder intervals to get your blood flow circulating and your heart pumping. Even though staying on track with your work goals is important,  so is your health and the need to keep active. We’re not asking you to run 10k’s in your lunch break, just take a little time to stretch your muscles and walk around- your body will thank you later!
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