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Having your smartphone help you to be productive rather than hindering your productivity would be rather useful, wouldn’t it? Especially if you’re currently working from home. At home, your phone can serve as a distraction, what with messages, games and.. Ugh, TikTok (too many hours spent on that one). So here’s a few ways to help you be more productive and procrastinate less…

Clear out clutter

When looking at your phone, there can be 1 million and 1 overwhelming apps that all serve the same purpose – to distract you. When using your phone to ensure that you’re being more productive, put all of those sneaky little apps into your app drawer or into an app folder. On certain devices you can do this by long-pressing the app, and selecting ‘remove from home’ to place it in your app drawer – which is accessed by swiping up or down (again, depending on your device), or you can long press your app, drag it on top of another distracting app, and it creates a folder in which those apps are stored. Trust us when we say that that tiny extra step getting to the app will deter you by quite a percentage when you’re on your home screen trying to get something done.

Make sure that your home screen is distraction-free with minimal amounts of apps, pages and widgets right in your face – minimal is the key word to have in mind here. This includes your home screen background – nothing chaotic, nothing busy; the simpler, the better.

Get ONE Productivity app

We know that there are incomprehensible amounts of productivity apps floating around the app store, and some may be better than others – but it is up to you to do your research and find which productivity app does it all for what you require – be it lists, reminders, timers or even a diary. Just do it, decide on one and make sure you keep it up to date. Alongside that if necessary, use that calendar & your reminders – they’re your best friend.

Use an app that stops you from being distracted

There are apps that prevent you from going into apps that you shouldn’t be in while trying to be productive. It lets you set a timer for how long you’d like to work for, closes those apps, and once the time is up, you’re free to explore. Some even make a game out of it, by, for example, growing a digital plant while your timer is on, and if you miss being productive as per the schedule you’ve set out, your plant dies, and nobody wants that.

Organize your notifs

There are far too many notifications happening on phones these days. You can minimise the noise by restricting your notifications via settings to only show you important notifications that won’t distract you from what you gotta do.

There you have it – a few tips to help you be more productive, with your trusty Android device. You can thank us later (y’know, after you’ve finished being productive).

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