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Whether you have been using Snapchat since it launched in 2011 or if you only started using it a few days ago, we have a few tips & tricks below that are sure to come in handy. Time to turn your boring Snaps into Snapsterpieces!



1. Secret Colour Palettes
Easily access secret colours by tapping on the pen tool, then tap the ‘Venn Diagram’ icon, located on the right, under the rainbow slider. This will give you access to grayscale, pastel sliders and a second variation of the rainbow slider.

2. Emoji Brushes
Drawing with emojis is easier than you might think. Tap on the pen tool, then select the heart-eyed emoji under the ‘Venn Diagram’ icon on the right. A range of different emoji paintbrushes will be displayed that you can use.

3. Snapchat Stickers
Wish you could use certain objects in an image again? You can if you make a sticker. Tap on the scissors icon on the right and trace the object you want to duplicate. Your object will automatically be smoothed and saved as a sticker by Snapchat. To access your custom stickers just tap on the memo icon.

4. Grids, Focus and Timer
Grids are helpful when it comes to the rule of thirds. Focus is there to blur out everything but faces and the timer will help you with hands-free capturing. Take advantage of these tools by tapping the small arrow underneath the flash icon when you’re in camera mode.

5. Moving Emojis
You can attach an emoji or sticker to a moving object once you have recorded a video. Tap on the memo icon and select your preferred emoji or sticker, scale and resize as you like and then hold down the sticker on your video. The video should freeze, allowing you to attach the sticker to the moving object.

6. 3D Paintings
If augmented reality is your thing, you’re going to love this feature. Tap on the icon with the ‘Smiley Face’ located next to the record button and then tap on the ‘Paintbrush’ icon. Then choose between matte, metallic, rainbow, neon or iridescent brushes. You can also set the colour of the paint colour and brush size.

7. Text Effects
Static text can be boring so let’s get it moving! Pick from the various effects like round, spooky, bubble, wavy, layers or script. This feature will animate text and also add filters to the entire image or video.

8. Filters
The original way of adding filters was by swiping left or right when taking a video or photo. The new way of choosing filters is by tapping the ‘Smiley Face’ icon located next to the recording button before taking an image or video and choosing one of the many options available.

9. Website links
Adding a website link button to your snaps is very easy. After taking a video or image, a paperclip icon will appear in the toolbar at the top right. Select it and enter the URL to attach the link to the Snap.



1. Snap Map Status
Setting a Snap Map status with Bitmoji can update your friends on what you’re doing. Select your Bitmoji icon located in the top left corner of the camera screen and scroll to the bottom. Next, tap ‘set a status’ which you will find under Snaps Maps and then tap ‘choose a Bitmoji’.

2. Selfie with Bitmoji
Tap the icon for Bitmoji and next select the Settings button located in the top right corner of the screen. Locate Bitmoji from the options and select ‘ choose a selfie’. You can look angry, surprised or any emotion you want.

3. Default Emoji Skin Tone
Save some time and set your default emoji skin tone to something other than yellow. Simply go to ‘Settings’ then scroll down to ‘Manage’ and select ‘emoji skin tone’.

4. Get The Swagger Back
Snapchat has custom merch for Bitmoji on the Snap Store from stickers, mugs, t-shirts, sweatpants and phone cases. Locate the Bitmoji in the top left of your camera screen, scroll down to ‘Shop Bitmoji Merch’ and it will redirect you to a page where you can freely customise the different items available.



1. Find A Product
The Snapchat product finder feature can come in quite handy for bargain buying. Select the ‘ Smiley Face’ icon on your camera screen, tap on the ‘scan’ icon located at the bottom. Scroll left and tap the ‘Shopping Bag’ icon. Press and hold the screen to start scanning the item and Snapchat will show you similar products available.

2. Math Tutor
Snapchat Math Solver is here for your Mathematical problems. Simply locate it next to the Product Finder. Once again, hold and press the screen to scan the problem. Snapchat will show you the results via Photomath.

3. Song Finder
Opening Shazam, while you’re on Snapchat, is one step too much. Locate the Song Finder on Snapchat next to the Product Finder and Math Solver. Now when you hear a great song, just press and hold the screen and Snapchat will do the rest!

4. Games with Friends
Select the ‘ Smiley Face’ icon located on the camera screen and tap on ‘browse’. Swipe left and select from the wide variety of games Snapchat has to offer.



1. Private Snaps
Keep your snaps hidden by adding them to the ‘your eyes only’ feature. Quickly swipe up while you’re on your camera screen and access the memory tab. Click the checkmark icon located in the top right corner and start selecting the maps you want to keep private and hide. Tap on ‘more’ and select ‘hide snaps/my eyes only’ in the bottom of the toolbar and set up a password to enable this feature.

2. Ghosting
Don’t want everyone to see what you’re up to on Snap Maps? Select the Bitmoji icon via your camera screen and go down to the bottom where you will find ‘ Snap Maps’. Tap ‘ Sharing Location’ and enable the ‘Ghost Mode’. Select between going off the grid for 3 hours, 24 hours or until you disable it yourself. Here you will also be allowed to select only a few friends that you choose to share your location with.

Source: Mashable

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