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2021 is coming up, and we’re excited for all the things it has to offer – but mainly the epic tech and smartphones that are on their way. Here’s our list of what we’re looking forward to:

Samsung Galaxy S21 Range

Samsung has always brought out some cutting edge flagships, and this year, we’re looking forward to seeing the devices in the Galaxy S21 Range. The design of the device has not changed much from its predecessor, however, the back camera module takes on a larger and more distinctive shape, no longer being somewhat flush with the back of the device – it is a full module on its own. The screen has been made to be less curved at the edges in comparison with previous S devices. Sources have it that there will be an option to switch between better display quality and higher refresh rate, giving you that speedy, no-lag swipe across the screen.
Apple iPhone 13
Apple slates releases in the second half of the year, anywhere from August to October, for the release of the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max and (possibly) the iPhone 13 Mini, based on the debut of the mini devices with 2020’s iPhone 12 Mini. And while it hasn’t been in hand for too long, we’re still looking forward to the new innovations that Apple showcases this year – hopefully it’s a smaller notch.

Huawei P50 Pro

Huawei is expected to release a new P-series flagship in the coming months, but renders of the device don’t suggest much of a change in appearance. The device may have its same style with only a change in the position of the selfie camera. The device is rumored to have a great processor as well as top notch cameras to boot. We’re excited for the launch of the newest addition to the Huawei family.
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Now, while 90’s fashion is making a comeback, we’re also seeing a rise in popularity of flippable or foldable phones once more – but this time, make it futuristic. Samsung made excellent changes to the Galaxy Z Fold 2, which most reviewers were rather impressed with, but few mentioned that it isn’t entirely complete, or that the market would need to see better innovation with regards to the both visible and tangible fold in the plastic screen when opening up the device into its larger tablet-like form. We think that Samsung may have it in the bag with the 3rd generation, as competition ramps up in the folding phones category of smartphones, with Apple patenting their own concepts, and brands like LG putting their own spin on the flippable phone idea. We’re anticipating the coolest folding phone from Samsung yet.

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