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You’re in line at your local grocery store, the line behind you extends to the back of the shop, the aircon’s out of order and you can feel the beads of sweat forming on your forehead, you want to get home before load shedding starts – at least you’re almost at the till. Wait, where’s your card? Don’t tell me you’ve left it in the car!

With Fitbit Pay, you’ll be out of there with the tap of your wrist, no fumbling around and certainly no abandoning your cart right as you approach the till. Want to take advantage of mobile payment from your Fitbit? Here’s how to get started. 


Determine if Your Bank is Supported


Naturally, this is the most crucial step in the process. Luckily Fitbit Pay is supported by most major South African banks, including Absa, FNB, Nedbank, Discovery Bank, Investec Private Bank and RMB Private Bank. 


Set Up Your PIN 


Next, you’re going to open the Fitbit App on your phone and go to your profile. Now you’re going to choose the device on which you want to enable Fitbit Pay and select ‘Wallet’. 

Next, you will see the setup page. This is where you’ll need to set up a four-digit security PIN to confirm payment transactions. You can choose to either have your Fitbit ask for a PIN only when you’re making a payment or every 24 hours / each time you take your Fitbit off.


Add Your Card 


After setting a PIN you will need to add your card number. Follow the steps by entering your card information and address. Then tap ‘Next’, and agree to Fitbit Pay’s terms of service to allow Fitbit to confirm the card’s validity.

If you wish, you can add multiple cards, just be sure to select one as your primary payment option. 


Making Payments 


Now the fun part. To pay, either swipe down on your Versa or Ionic’s screen to find the Wallet icon or hold the left button for two seconds to bring it up on the Charge 3 SE (if you have multiple cards, the primary one you’ve chosen will show up as the default) and hover your Fitbit over the payment system. 

Once you receive confirmation from the terminal, your payment has been processed.


Managing Your Cards


If you want to review your transactions or add and remove cards, head to the ‘Wallet’ section of the app.

Here you can tap the card you want to view to see recent transactions, suspend or remove cards, or view the card’s privacy policy or contact the bank that issued the card. 

Your life just got a lot more convenient! 

Source: The Verge 

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