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Whatsapp, available on both Android and IOS has introduced a new feature that lets you send yourself messages. Which is super useful to jot down notes, your grocery list, reminders, share photos between your laptop and smartphone – or anything really. You’re also able to pin the chat to the top of your screen so it doesn’t move down your list when you receive texts. 

The feature has long been available on other instant messaging apps, and here’s how you can get started on Whatsapp: 

  1. On WhatsApp’s Chats screen, tap the new chat icon in the top-right corner of the screen.
  2. You should appear as the first contact on the list. Tap yourself.
  3. Now, you can begin sending messages to yourself.

Once a message is sent, it will show up as a thread in the main Chats tab. To avoid your chat being pushed down the list, pin the chat to the top of your conversation list to access it quickly without having to search for it. 

To do that, first, navigate to the Chats tab if not there already. The next step will differ between Android and iOS. On an Android device, tap and hold the chat and select the pin icon from the options that appear at the top. On iOS, simply swipe right on the chat and tap Pin.

That’s how to start using the super helpful ‘Message Yourself’ feature, we hope you find it super handy! 

Source: Adweek  

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