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When Google Maps is in use, the amount of data that is being used is relatively small, but if it is used daily it can start to eat into your data allowance.

Help is at hand with a little forward planning. Google Maps has a little known feature where you can download the map of the area you area visiting before setting off!

To optimise this feature, you can open the Google maps app on your iPhone or iPad while on a Wi-Fi network. Use the search bar to type in the name of the general location of where you are travelling to, then tap the search bar again and an option to save a new offline map will appear. You can then zoom into the location in more detail if required and finally download the map for use when you are on the move.

TIP: Name it accurately so you can find it quickly when you are in your car.

The maps are easily accessed in the app via the menu icon by the search bar which will bring up your profile, you can then find your offline maps via:

Your Places >> Scroll to Offline Maps

save maps offline

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