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Sometimes a normal email or message lacks the depth of a face-face conversation. One thing that you can do to add more expression is ‘Rich Formatting.

What is Rich Text?

Lifewire states that unlike plain-text formatting, rich text allows you to emphasise your message by bolding, italicising, and underlining words you’d like to enhance.  
According to MacWorld, while it’s not universally supported, you can use rich formatting in a fair number of iOS apps including Mail, Notes and third-party apps like WhatsApp. This function is easy to use, but also very easy to miss.

All you need to do is open an app that supports rich formatting, highlight the text you want to edit by double tapping it and select the formatting menu, labelled BIU states MacWorld.

Then you simply have to select the effect you want. Tap the arrow on the right to see additional effects such as struck-through text.

And just like that your normal email got a little bit more exciting!

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