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These days, dating can be… well… difficult to say the least. Do you FaceTime, or meet face to face? It’s a little risky at the moment. But perhaps it would suffice to keep it digital until a lower lockdown level. In saying that – here are a few ways you can put your best pixels forward as a digital dater.

Pick your app

Dating sites are so 1990’s, let’s bring it back to the present. You’ll find a huge variety of dating apps to suit your taste on both iOS and Android. Such apps include Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, Grindr and more, to name a few of the popular ones. So try one, or try all! The more the merrier, right?

Take a snap 

Most people are visual when it comes to swiping left or right on their next potential match. So take your best pic where you look your happiest, most confident and most approachable – whatever that means to you. People can see that through a picture, so shine bright so that they swipe right!

The Bio is Your Bestie

For when pictures can’t speak 1000 words, a bio can usually speak about 20. So make yours, short, sweet and to the point. Put out there what you love about yourself – and others will be sure to love it too!


Now this part is all up to you and what tickles your fancy – swipe left or right, look at pics and bios of others, and see who can be your potential match. Everything comes together when the ‘it’s a match!’ screen comes up! Now comes the hard part – talking.

Talk the Talk

Initiate the conversation or wait for your match to make the first move. The key here is to be yourself! Be true, be honest and accept nothing less than the standard you have set for yourself. If your match makes inappropriate comments, makes you feel uncomfortable or is just down right nasty, it’s simple: unmatch with them and boom! Problem solved. Play it safe on these dating apps – rather be safe than sorry, be respectful and unless specified otherwise, don’t be inappropriate 🙂

And that’s all! The key considerations here are to be yourself, because if you don’t love yourself, how are you going to love somebody else? Be safe, have fun and don’t let anyone dull your shine!

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