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We understand that the chaos of The-Year-That-Must-Not-Be-Named may have left us more dependant than ever on our smart devices in order to keep on top of the latest news, disasters and fads, as well as remain in contact with our loved ones in the age of social distancing. That said, the increased dependence on our smartphones has made it a hacker’s playground. Here are a few apps that can help keep your device and data secure in 2021.


Available on both iOS and Android, Signal is an encrypted messaging app with a difference. Not only is it free and user-friendly, but has been endorsed by the likes of Amnesty International and the U.S. Military. All communications, including voice, text and video, are end-to-end encrypted with Signal ensuring every user’s complete anonymity.


This Android anonymous browser goes way further than simple Incognito Mode. Tor is available for desktop download and recently launched a mobile division. Not only will corporations not be able to track what you do online, but you can also use the additional privacy to protect yourself and your personal information.

Onion Browser

Bummed about Tor because you’re an iOS user? Look no further than Onion Browser which actually comes Tor recommended! This is perfect to use on your iPhone for protected internet surfing and there are even three levels of protection depending on your needs.


ProtonMail’s basic package is free and ensures that the content of your emails stays between you and your contacts. It’s available for iOS and Android and even has a self-distruct option for content that is no longer relevant. You can also lock specific messages with a password in case anyone else has access to your inbox.


Want to keep an eye on things without the privacy issues associated with home security camera systems? Haven may be the Android answer of your dreams. Haven turns your smartphone into a motion sensor camera using motion, sound, light and vibration detection. If the camera is triggered, Haven will also message pictures of the intruder to you.

Turn your smartphone into an on the go blackbox with these security apps. Your only problem will be finding enough content to encrypt!

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