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If you’re one among many that has an iPhone, you may be wondering what it is that you can do to conserve battery life as much as possible. Hint: it’s not only about keeping your phone in battery saver mode. There are no less than 3 pertinent things that you should know about keeping your iPhone’s battery life up and at ‘em. 


Extra Quick Charging


If you’re in a pinch and need some battery life for unexpected plans, fear not, we have a solution. Rumor has it that if you put your phone into airplane mode, it allows your phone to charge faster, as it limits the amount of power being consumed by your phone (i.e through data, background refreshes, etc). While the time change may be marginal, it still helps a bit.


Don’t close your apps to conserve battery life


Closing and reopening your apps drains your battery faster than just leaving them open in the background. So worry not, your battery won’t die faster if you have your main apps open in the background.


(Shocker) Don’t let your phone die


A surefire way to make your battery die faster overtime is to degenerate its lifespan. Each time your battery dies, it over charges, or is constantly being charged and taken off charge without being full disrupts battery life cycles. So here’s our pro tip – don’t let your phone’s battery percentage fall below 40%. If you aren’t a constant phone user, having your device’s battery percentage be around 65%-75% is perfect to keep it from dying faster overtime. Look after your battery, and of course, if your current one already lets you down, bring it in to us so that we can replace it, and your phone can live to see another day without being charged.

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