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Instagram has gotten more and more detailed in recent years, adding extra features, fun things and more! If you aren’t a Gen Z’er, then you might not know everything Instagram has to offer. So we’re here to help you out! Here are a few things that you may not know about Instagram.

Archive Posts

If you have one or more posts that are perhaps from a long time ago, not as cool as you thought or even a ‘felt cute, might delete’ that you just never deleted – but you aren’t sure that you want to delete it just yet – archive it! It’s a great way to keep your grid aesthetic in line too – if that’s what you’re into. Just click the post you want to archive, tap the three dots in the top right corner, and select ‘Archive.’ Easy!

Un-delete photos, stories and all Instagram-related content

Instagram has recently implemented a feature where you can now recover deleted posts – they created it as a safeguard against hackings deleting all your photos – so that when your account is recovered, your photos will be safely stored in a recently deleted folder that can be found in your settings where your archived photos will be (if there are any).


Instagram is known for meshing together all the trendy social media things, especially under Facebook’s parentage. And while you may know about messaging, stories, liking and commenting. You might not know about the ability to send quick photos or videos that disappear just like snapchats do. More popularly, there is not only IGTV (Instagram’s interpretation of an on-platform YouTube channel) but there is also Instagram Reels – much like TikToks, people are able to create and record videos with dubbed over sounds that are 30 seconds. If you aren’t sold on TikTok, you might be with Reels! Check them out in your search tab by clicking the first video that has ‘Reels’ on it.

While these aren’t difficult or hidden tips about Instagram, if you’re not an avid social media user, or you don’t know platforms as well as you should – here you go! Three bite-sized tips about the all encompassing Instagram. You’re welcome!

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