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We know a summer holiday is all about the beach, braais at the pool and road trips. We also know that a dropped phone with a cracked screen or water damage can bring the summer vibes to screeching halt! And while damage can be fixed (by the trusty techs at The Real Repair Company, of course!) and a lost phone can be replaced, replacing the memories that come with photos and videos is not so simple… Until now! Don’t lose any memories ever again with Huawei’s new mobile cloud service.

The Huawei Cloud is more than just photos and videos storage. 

How to set up the Huawei Cloud: 

  1. Register for a free HUAWEI ID to enable HUAWEI Cloud.
  2. You’ll receive 5GB of storage after you sign up
  3. Now you have a cloud-based backup of all your holiday memories.

That’s enough space for 2 500 photos! Enough for even the most prolific snap-happy picture taker in the family.

With HUAWEI Mobile Cloud and Huawei Mobile Services (HMS), you can feel better knowing your photos and videos are secure, and if they do happen to fall into the wrong hands, you can also wipe your data remotely through the HUAWEI Mobile Cloud website.

Get started with your HUAWEI ID today at >

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